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Drywood Termites

   A typical termite colony contains nymphs (semi-mature young), workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both sexes, sometimes containing several egg-laying queens.  The queen is believed to be a primary source of pheromones, which are useful in colony integration.   At maturity, a termite queen has the capacity to produce more than 2,ooo eggs each day, and live as long as 45 years.  

   The winged (or “alate”) caste, also referred to as the reproductive caste, are generally the only termites with well-  developed eyes.  Areas with a distinct dry season, the alates leave the nest in large swarms, usually after the first rain of the season. In other regions, flights may occur throughout the year, or more commonly, in the spring and autumn.  Termites are poor fliers and will usually shed their wings soon after landing at an acceptable site, where they mate and attempt to form a nest in damp timber or earth.



1.             Fecal pellets

2.             Damaged or rotted wood

3.             Termite wings on ground

4.             Live termites in the wood



Structural Tenting/Fumigation:   This is the most effective and reliable method of controlling and complete eradication of drywood termites.

Local Chemical Treatment:   If an infestation is limited to accessible wood members, it is possible to drill into the galleries and inject a  registered pesticide.  This method is not recommended where the infestation appears to extend into an inaccessible area, such as wall voids or an insulated attic. 

Timbor Wood Treatment:  This is a natural material, (sodium borate), used to treat exposed wood only.  If the wood surface is painted or varnished, this treatment is not recommended.  Timbor can also be applied as a preventative treatment to new construction wood members, usually before the wall coverings are applied.

 Thermal Heat Treatment:   This type of treatment is environmentally safe to all single family homes, apartments,  condominiums, nursing homes, industrial  and commercial buildings, as well as office buildings.


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