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  The deer mouse is in a totally different family than the house mouse.  The deer mouse is found throughout most of Canada and the United States, with the exception of the Southeastern United States.  The deer mouse and house mouse are basically the same size, but the deer mouse has large eyes and ears, and resembles the white tail deer in color.

   The deer mice are responsible for spreading the HAUTA  VIRUS TO HUMANS, which is carried through their  saliva, feces, and urine.  It is an airborne virus, which is contracted by humans by inhaling particles.  Documented cases in humans, were found in areas that have large populations of mice, with dusty conditions of droppings hat become airborne when disturbed.

  The house mouse is more common in urban areas, whereas; the deer mouse is more common in rural areas.  If mice infestations exist in vacant homes and excess droppings are present, a mask should be used when cleaning up the droppings.

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